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Laura Ashley Frames

We make it visible by using the best spectacle and contact lenses available.

Frames are personally selected to suit each individual's clinical and cosmetic needs and all frames are personally fitted for maximum comfort

If you need vision correction for both near and distance vision, we would recommended varifocal lenses, for which we provide a specialist service.

Anti-reflection and anti-scratch

Laura Ashley Frames

Whether you are working in front of a computer screen or driving at night, the reflections on the screen can reduce contrast and the lights of the oncoming traffic can dazzle you. Essilor Crizal® lenses made with Scotchgard Protector eliminate visual discomfort by reducing reflections by 80% compared with conventional lenses.

As time goes by, near invisible scratches caused by everyday wear and tear can also reduce your clarity of vision. The anti-scratch properties will dramatically reduce scratching on your lenses, keeping your vision clear.


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